At the funeral of my mother, a friend told me, her granddaughter proposed to write a collaborative story. For whatever reason, I felt moved and was impressed. As I hear and see a myriad of ideas all day long, I stored this one in my memory beneath many others. But it came back, day by day, occupied and bothered me, so I took a closer look to it. I declared it to be a “nice idea” which could lead to a cool new internet service but without any economical meaning. The only tangible value could be to get traction more easily than with other services. To understand why I changed my perception and why we are here where we are, please have a look at the second topic.2. DATA SOVEREIGNTY
Being involved in the Internet industries since the late 1990 as a publisher and more, I pored on a concept how to bring data sovereignty for Internet Services to the netcitizens. The tradesale model “services for free in exchange for personal data” (f. ex. Google, Facebook, Twitter etc.) reflected the early period of the Internet when nobody was willing to pay a fee for digital services. Subsequently our private data are used for advertising and big data purposes without any control. That’s okay for people who don’t care. But for people – like me, and maybe you – who want to decide when and how they give their personal data for whatever purposes, it is unease at minimum if not an intrusion into one’s personal integrity. Nevertheless only few are willing to pay a dime for a valuable digital service. Of course, many would prefer both, data sovereignty and the use for free. An unsolvable riddle? Not really if you go deep into the subject. So I developed a “fee compensation model” at the kitchen table (where many good ideas are given birth) which is part of the overall concept.3. MINIMAL VIABLE PRODUCT (PROTOTYPE)
The next step on the journey of thousand miles is a Minimal Viable Product, a prototype with real functions. Which eases the collaborative storytelling process, makes it tangible for everyday use at first place.

If you want to contribute to the building of a global storytelling platform, invest your ideas, establish your services within the platform. If you like to offer your abilities like illustrating, video making, narrating orally, do it on the platform. To evolve the CCST platform to a great market place for all what is necessary to create exciting stories.